Whiplash Treatment

Our chiropractor at AlignLife-Chiropractic and Natural Health Center provides comprehensive chiropractic care in Peoria to patients who suffered whiplash from an auto accident or a head impact. Getting whiplash treatment right away can prevent chronic neck or back pain and loss of mobility. Because whiplash injuries can be subtle, it is crucial that you seek chiropractic treatment even if there is no pain, scratches, bruises, or swelling. We use advanced technology and equipment to detect musculoskeletal injuries known to cause debilitating pain and limited movement following a collision.

Whiplash Treatment

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash or neck sprain is an injury that occurs in about two-thirds of those involved in a car accident. It is caused by a forceful thrusting of the head during the crash. Whiplash also occurs in athletes who play impact sports such as football.

Types of Whiplash Injuries

If you were in a car collision, chances are you've suffered whiplash or some other type of injury to the spine or soft tissue. The violent "whipping" of the head may sprain, strain, or tear muscles or tendons in the neck, dislocate the joints in the cervical (neck) spine, pinch the nerve, or cause the discs to bulge or herniate. The neck becomes unstable in some cases.

Whiplash Symptoms

Mild to severe neck pain is common but may not develop until 48 hours or weeks after the accident. Other common symptoms are:

    • Neck stiffness
    • Headaches or dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Numbness or tingling
    • Trouble moving the neck
    • Chest, shoulder, or upper back pain

Non-Surgical Whiplash Treatment by Our Chiropractor

You can receive non-invasive chiropractic care in Peoria following a comprehensive physical and medical evaluation by our chiropractor. Your individualized wellness plan may include these drug-free treatments that offer maximum relief when combined:

    • Chiropractic Adjustments: Adjusting the neck spine is a natural and effective pain relief technique. It restores the joints, bones, and intervertebral discs to their natural position. Blood and nutrients can now flow to the spine to stimulate healing of the injured discs and soft tissue. Spinal realignment also relieves neck stiffness, eliminates nerve pain by releasing a trapped nerve, and regulates neuromuscular functions.
    • Massage Therapy: Therapeutic massages mobilize the soft tissue to increase flexibility and aid healing.
    • Corrective Exercises: Targeted exercises help to relax, rehabilitate, and strengthen injured soft tissue as well as restore mobility.

Our chiropractor may offer nutrition counseling and posture advice to help you maintain spine health and improve your overall wellness.

Make an Appointment for Chiropractic Care in Peoria

Untreated whiplash injuries can affect you long after the accident. Delayed treatment may increase the risk of invasive surgery or cause insurance claim denials. You can avoid this with chiropractic care at AlignLife-Chiropractic and Natural Health Center. We're located in Peoria, IL but we also treat patients from the surrounding cities. Start your whiplash treatment today by calling 309-693-8448 to book an appointment.


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