Knee Pain

If you're seeking chiropractic care in Peoria for knee pain, our chiropractor at AlignLife-Chiropractic & Natural Health Center can provide effective treatments to get you back on your feet. We see patients whose pain is acute or chronic, mild or severe. They include active individuals, athletes, and older adults affected by joint inflammation disorders and patients who suffered a knee injury from an accident. We utilize natural, non-invasive techniques and therapies to tackle pain at its source and restore joint and soft tissue functions. 

Knee Pain

What Causes Pain in the Knee?

The knee is a large joint that bears all upper body weight and allows a wide range of foot motion including climbing and squatting. Pain develops mainly from an injury, such as a direct hit to the knee, inflammation, or repetitive stress on the joints, bones, and soft tissue due to frequent running, jumping, or kneeling. Other common causes are:

    • Ligament sprain
    • Knee dislocation 
    • Knee cartilage tear
    • Excess body weight 
    • Iliotibial band syndrome
    • Arthritis, bursitis, or gout
    • Knee cap (patella) fracture 
    • Knee tendonitis (runner's knee)

Typical Knee Pain Symptoms

Your symptoms will depend on whether the knee joints, bones, or soft tissue is affected. Patients normally complain of a sharp searing or throbbing pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, or pain when bearing weight on the knee. Knee instability, buckling when standing or walking, or a grinding sensation when moving the knee are other symptoms.

Knee Pain Treatment by Our Peoria Chiropractor 

Dr. Rob Kelch will perform a physical exam, medical evaluation, and imaging tests to find out why your knee hurts. An individualized treatment plan is then set up based on the diagnosis. The main goal is to eliminate the pain, restore the knee, and improve range of motion using one or a combination of these drug-free treatment modalities:

Chiropractic Knee Adjustments: A dislocated knee cap or joint can be realigned by gently manipulating and mobilizing the bone and joint into position. This can significantly reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation. Restoring the knee structures also allows the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage to heal. You'll soon be able to use the knee without feeling pain. Chiropractic knee adjustments can even prevent invasive knee surgery.

Other Techniques/Therapies: Massage therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and other healing therapies can be combined with adjustments to reduce inflammation, improve flexibility, and strengthen the knee. Our nutrition and weight management programs can also help you to reduce weight stress on the knee.

Non-Surgical Chiropractic Care Can Stop the Pain 

Don't let pain prevent you from staying active. Visit AlignLife-Chiropractic & Natural Health Center in Peoria, IL, or call 309-693-8448 to schedule an appointment. We also welcome patients from nearby communities who're looking for a board-certified and trusted chiropractor to provide the long-term pain relief they need.

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